Friday, April 15, 2016

A Message from Shelly

The last thing I expected to hear was the question: “Shelly, where were you?” Several old friends have called and said they wanted to hear from me again.

I have slowed down a bit as I approach my 90th year! The good Lord has blessed both Thelma and me with longevity, and so I am excited to have been asked to share my “comments” once again, as I have done in the past.

I have very positive thoughts about the current leaders of our industry. As always, the best has risen to the top. We are so fortunate to have the “cream” professionals who are guiding our industry through an unsettled period. These good people, who are the leaders of the many DME associations, are each very active in protecting their members as well as all the dealers and professionals. No one is ignored!

This is our strength. This reflects all the members of DME and HME! They are involved and their hard work has created a strong and active industry! I am writing this because there still are many dealers sitting aside and not making their voices heard! I don’t understand why this has happened! I am asking that if you and your company are not currently a member of both your state and national DME association, get on board STAT!

You can no longer stand alone! There are so many things happening which can affect your operation. But, when you stand together with your associates, you will flourish! If, for any reason, you are not a member of both your state and national associations, join now!

If you need the numbers to call send me an e-mail ( and I will send all the information you need.

Thank you!