Friday, February 27, 2015


The hit song on Broadway some years ago was in the musical play "Annie". The song was titled "Tomorrow", and today it has come back!
Once again everything seems to be proceeded by the word "tomorrow". All I have been hearing is that we cannot do it now. I do not know why, but I will see if I can help get more dealers to join with me to strengthen our industry.

I never worried about tomorrow. I always do today what has to be accomplished. Tomorrow there will always be more things to correct. Don’t carry over anything. Do it now!

I am very excited when I read and about the many things that will be resolved at the pending Medtrade Spring. The list is tremendous and very important results will be accomplished such as passing legislations H.R.248 and S.148.
I hope to see every attendee spend as much time as possible at the show with the staff from both AAHomecare and their state DME association. As all of our industry bands together, we will really become much more effective.

Look at how much these associations have already done. DME/HME dealers today are recognized as being professionals: Trained personnel providing great service to their patients. What is not reported is how many things the providers do “pro bono.” They fight on behalf of every patient, and as they grow, so will their effectiveness.

If you are not currently a dues paying member of both AAHomecare and your state DME association, you can sign on at Medtrade. If for any reason you are not able to attend, please pick up the phone and join now.

The cost to become a member of both associations is not very high. Your accountant will be able use these funds, as normal expenses to correctly operate your company. Protect your business!
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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Medtrade Spring 2015

As you walk onto the exhibition floor at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, you will look in amazement at the great number of exhibitors and DME/HME folks seeking answers.

They are all there, as you should be, to gather information, find new opportunities and prepare for the future. The Medtrade Exhibitions annually have been big successes for that reason, but in 2015 there are still many problems waiting to be resolved. This makes your participation now even more important.

Standing alone to face competition will not work! The time has come for every DME/HME dealer to become one effective and formidable voice for our industry. I look at pharmacy, hospitals, and other related industries to see how effective they are. We, too, must do the same.

AAHomecare and your state association have been working as hard as they can to help get several pending bills, which are waiting, in Congress to be passed. They need the support of every DME/HME dealer or provider to accomplish this. When your company is not a member, it makes getting bills onto the floor more difficult.

All of this requires 100% support from the dealers, providers and manufacturers to get results. AAHomecare and your state associations need funds to work on your behalf. The problem I want to address is the following:

Will you help bring in new members and get everyone involved?

If every member of AAH and their state DME Association will call other DME/HME dealers they know and ask that if they do not belong to one or both to please sign on.
This works. When they recognize what you are doing, they will follow suit.

Monday, February 23, 2015


There are occasions when we do things which are different and then when finished, we smile. Thelma and I have been living in Florida for more than 25 years. As the years passed, we lost too many friends and suddenly discovered we were almost alone.

We recognized that we had some relatives and many friends in Charleston, South Carolina, and made a decision to relocate there. This was a big decision for two senior citizens in their late 80s, but we did it! We are now proud residents of South Carolina.

As always, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail me with your ideas and concerns: I have always returned every call and answered every message. That is such good fun for me, and perhaps I can occasionally guide you through a problem or difficulty.

I look forward to meeting each of you at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas.

Thank you,

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Marketing for Profit

Isn’t that what every DME/HME dealer wants to do? Market for profit!

This age of computers and the ability to easily determine where the best profits come from is at your fingertips. Your accountant can help you set this up. When you view where the best cash flow and profits emanate, you will know how to proceed!

Is your strength in rehab, oxygen, or perhaps another specialty? Once you have made these determinations from top down, then you can see how best to build from your strengths and still maintain all your other business.

Success is based on bottom line profits, not on gross dollar sales. I know a number of dealers who flaunt how many dollars go into their cash registers, but when I ask how much is left behind, they hem and haw.

By the same token, I know a vast number of dealers who speak about the net profits left behind after paying taxes. They have expanded from their strengths and built some excellent sales with the resulting profits.

I know an excellent dealer in Midwest who took my advice about joining the local Chamber of Commerce. After a few meetings he was invited to give a talk. He chose to present on the “American Disability Act" and how it could affect every company. He built an excellent “side line” of working with all the companies in the Chamber and the community. The word spread, and the calls from other businesses increased his profits greatly.

He told me that he now has two sales people calling on all manufacturing facilities, hotels and motels, and schools and businesses in the state - These sales are putting a great number of dollars on his bottom line.

At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, you will find many items that can help you expand sales and of course, profits. I will see you there!
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Monday, February 9, 2015

Wheelchairs, etc.

The one basic family of items, which every DME/HME dealer markets, is wheelchairs. There are many add-on items for a wheelchair! Here I will describe how I have seen them displayed at some of the dealers I have visited.

The primary thing to do is make sure that each chair on display has several add-on items available, each with a price tag!

A patient or family caregiver buying a wheelchair, as a Medicare recipient, still has the right to purchase any comfort items they wish. This is particularly true when a family member is picking it up. I have always been impressed by the variety of items dealers use to dress up the chairs on display. The rewarding thing is that these are “cash-sale” items and they turn over rapidly.

Those dealers who have a “physical therapist” on their staff have been eminently successful. That sales person, recognized as a therapist, can guide the sales by asking carefully chosen questions. This is what they do whenever they get new patients. I am very aware of how many additional add-on items this is for the sale. The nicest thing about these “add-ons” is that the sales person is always thanked for taking the time!

Work closely with the manufacturer reps and you can sponsor classes on how to work with the patients. Several dealers told me that they try to sponsor these “classes” about once a month. They contact every one who has purchased or obtained a wheelchair from them, and the usual attendance is about a dozen people. The goodwill this creates can never be measured.

Today’s younger patients will often purchase two or more wheelchairs. I have spoken with dealers who tell me returned veterans are their most important customers. At Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, you will find ideas and add-on products to greatly expand sales in this part of your operation.
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Thursday, February 5, 2015


I was delighted when I saw the announcement that Invacare located a replacement for Mal Mixon. I realize that it took a few months for this to happen, and that is just another recognition of the terrific task Mal did. In particular, he built Invacare into one of the largest companies in our industry! As Mal did that, he also helped build DME/HME into the industry it is today.

I have always appreciated everything Mal Mixon did for all of us. His participation on many committees as well as the support he gave AAHomecare and the state DME associations is great! Mal, you earned this and I wish you many happy years of retirement! We should all express our appreciation to him.

Invacare Corporation was very fortunate to locate Matthew Monaghan to be their new president and CEO. He was the senior VP and GM of a major division of Zimmer, a manufacturer of orthopedic products and instruments. He built that division into a 1.3 billion business.

I look forward with a great deal of excitement to be able to meet Matt Monaghan as he enters our world of homecare. I ask that you all send him your best wishes too.

I know we will see Cara Bachenheimer in Las Vegas. I am sure this change will help increase the number of attendees at Medtrade Spring. If you have not made your reservations please do so ASAP. You may use the promotional code SHELLY at registration to get a Free Expo Pass. This is going to be a most interesting Medtrade and you want to be present.