Thursday, April 30, 2015


There is a great deal of truth in this old quote: “Action speaks louder than words.”
There are many ways you can become active to protect your company! Not every DME/HME dealer gets involved with his or her state association or AAHomecare! Why? I cannot fathom this! If every dealer would become a dues paying member of AAHomecare and their state association, how much more could these associations accomplish?

you have to protect your company and our industry, or face some very disastrous and trying times. This being the case, why are so many DME/HME dealers sitting on the sidelines rather than taking action!

It is exciting watching how AAHomecare never hesitates to fight any harmful legislation! They approve of those that are vital for the industry on a national basis. The same thing is happening in the states. I am impressed when I see the positive results AAH and the state groups accomplish.

But, and this is a big but, if they had the support of every DME/HME company as well as those of the suppliers, then we would see real action!

When I go back to my days in retail pharmacy, there were county associations, state associations, and the national association. Just about every pharmacy was active in each! In those days, there was no means of communication to match the efficiency of using the web. I do believe the old fashioned calling dealers on the phone proved very effective.

I hope that every DME/HME dealer will work with all of their friends as well as their competitors to pass the messages to one another. This is ACTION at work!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Be Safe, Sound, and Profitable

I have spent a great deal of energy in support of the state DME associations and AAHomecare. My companies and I have always recognized the importance of being on the “team”. We were correct! You, too, must also be correct!

About 25 or 30 years ago I helped organize a co-op specifically for independent DME/HME dealers. The way the by-laws were written, we were limited to how many members and locations could be accepted. I am proud of every member who joined “The Homecare Providers Co-op”. Today, AAHomecare and the state associations are now waiting for you with open arms. I see nearly all-former HPC members belong to AAHomecare and their state association!

I bring this up to explain why belonging to your state DME association and AAHomecare is more vital today than ever. I do NOT ask “why”? You know the answer. I want you to be very positive, because I see a brilliant future for DME/HME providers.

The number of senior citizens is growing more quickly than ever! As things are expanding so fast, what are you doing? Pick up the phone and join AAHomecare. If you are not a member, then please ask them to enroll your operation STAT. Then, do the same with your state DME association.

Working in this fashion, we can double the number of companies who are on board. Then you can sit back to watch all the changes that will happen to make your company safe, sound, and profitable!

Send Tom Ryan an e-mail or a phone call to let him know you want to become another dues paying member. You want to work together with him to remain in business. He will appreciate that!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Heard on the Floor

No, Shelly was not on the floor of Medtrade Spring in person. However, many of my friends and associates have shared so much with me that I feel that I was present. Based on what I have been told, without any doubt, this was the best Medtrade Exhibition in many years. The team of very hard working people, following the lead of Kevin Gaffney and his associates, must all be congratulated.
Some of you may have seen "Flat Shelly" on the floor of Medtrade Spring this year.
The following comments were made by exhibitors or dealers on the floor and were forwarded to me by my associate, Christina Brown Morrison:

Exhibitor VGM: “Thank you for organizing such an informative and engaging show!”

Exhibitor TwoCan Cane: “Amazing day at Medtrade Spring 2015. We won the 'Best New Product' award and couldn’t be happier! Thank you.”

Attendee Sarah Stephen: “AAHomecare’s Power Panel was really on-point this morning at Medtrade Spring 2015. Getting hyped.”

Attendee Catherine Colman Hamilton: “Great day today at Medtrade. Jeff Baird was informative as always, and VGM was great.”

Speaker Justin Racine: “It went very well and we had some FANTASTIC feedback and questions. Thanks again for putting together a great show.”

Attendee Christina Grabo shared something interesting she learned in a conference session AR Management: "People and Software are key. Work denials first and daily, otherwise you are not in control."

It appears there was something for every attendee! Be sure you are present for the fall Medtrade. I have no doubt that it will exceed my expectations yet again!

Monday, April 20, 2015

A Political Comment

My writing this blog as a “political comment” is uncalled for! The blogs I write are designed to help DME/HME dealers develop more profits and expand their businesses. I am making this exception because I no longer see many of our current “politicians” concerned about elder citizens. I don’t understand this, since they vote and also speak to their families about why they vote for a particular candidate.

I became interested in the candidates who ran for office many years ago. The first support I ever gave a candidate (long before I could vote) was for Wendell Willkie! He ran for President in 1940! I often wonder what might have happened had he been elected.

The difference today is that not too many candidates tell their supporters what they will do if elected. Too much time telling us NOT to vote for Candidate Blank! I want to know what they plan to do for us when elected!

Before Thelma and I pledge our support for a particular candidate, we tell them about our involvement with DME/HME. This invariably gets one of their key workers to listen. I know if we all do this, we will attract more support for our industry.

In Florida, a few dealers got together and worked with their representative. They invited their congressman’s office manager to attend a Medtrade meeting in Orlando. He is still a good friend of theirs.

To protect our industry, every dealer should review whom AAHomecare and your state associations recommend. Every single vote counts!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Good News

There is nothing more encouraging than receiving good news! Since I was unable to attend Medtrade Spring this year, I read every article published, and spoke to about a dozen friends to get reports. All I can say is that I did not receive one negative comment. It appears that every DME/HME provider, as well as exhibitors, were all delighted with the results.

The Medtrade meetings provide the ability for attendees and exhibitors to meet and work with one another and to attend the classes and demonstrations. What better way to help build new sales and better profits?

It is my pleasure to share this piece of good news with you:
Kevin Gaffney, the Medtrade show director, spoke about very positive results. The attendees spent more time with exhibitors and came away all excited about the future. The exhibitors were so pleased with the large number of dealers who attended. They also came with very new attitudes.

The exhibitors reported better results than previous Medtrade shows. This is a reflection of the future! This excites me. I look forward to the Fall show.

DME/HME providers should join AAHomecare and their state association. They are all growing because the necessity of working together has given them so many benefits.

Thelma and I plan to be at the Fall Medtrade in Atlanta. Please see us there!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

How much?

I doubt that I have often said enough about how much salary any employee is worth. How much should a company pay for a job to be performed correctly? I do not know the answer.

To obtain a “premier” hire, always indicate that for them to obtain pay raises, they must show you they have earned them! Take your new “hire” for lunch after the first month and give that person an unsolicited early pay raise. The employee will appreciate this!

The salary you offer should always be adequate for a new employee, but not excessive to put a strain on your budget! I received a few phone calls and e-mails this past week asking for my thoughts on the problem of “how much”?

When I operated my retail pharmacies, I always had the same team that worked for me! When I sold each pharmacy, they stayed with the company who bought it to train their replacements and then they joined me. This was explained to the purchaser and all agreed it was fair. When I left pharmacy to join with Max Goodloe at General Medical, my operations manager came with me. I drifted into a different part of the industry, HME, but he remained and I am very proud of the great reputation he earned.

It is very expensive to hire an employee away from another company particularly if it is one with whom you compete. Often this doesn’t work!

There are so many factors that go into making the decision of whom to hire and how much salary to offer. In the past 65 or so years, I have hired many employees! Before I looked for an addition to staff or a replacement, I spoke to my accountant and we agreed on a “reasonable” offering.

Friday, April 3, 2015

You CAN Make a Difference

There are many little things that DME/HME dealers should do. There should be more communication with one another. You each have the ability to converse with one another via the web. Too often you forget this! Why? You are all just too busy!

I receive the messages many state associations send to their members. These are a “call to arms” alerting them to get on board to help prevent something untoward from occurring. Do you respond to what is sent?

Let us all think about how we can make a difference. When is the last time you spoke to another DME/HME provider? I asked this question to a few dealers and they had to think a few moments before they could answer. Then, when I spent some time on the phone with a few active members of AAHomecare or a state DME association, I received the answer I anticipated. They were usually on the phone or sending e-mails. That made a difference. They participate, and so should you.

Your company should be a member of AAHomecare and your state DME association. Your company must also attend the Medtrade Exhibition as well as your state association meeting. By working together there will be a big difference.

When this happens in our industry we will develop a voice that can be heard! Just look at how strong the hospital associations and others have been. I see how few DME/HME dealers belong to their state and national associations. Compare that to the strength of other industries.

I know that you can make a difference!