Monday, September 22, 2014


Can you put a true value to your company?

When I picture a typical DME/HME dealer, this is what comes to mind:

Your family has been making a good living from your company! The many customers who enjoy shopping at your store appreciate everything you supply to them as well as all the pro-bono benefits you give. Your entire staff shares in this! The family caregivers who shop for Mom or Dad know how important your services are, and they say “thank you” every time they see you.

DME/HME is your profession, and you are very proud of your operation and every thing that bears your name. But you and your peers are under attack, not for what you perform but because a very bad element has us draining out funds and creating havoc.

To help protect the future of this typical DME/HME dealer (and many of you are a match for my above description), here are several things that you should do. These blogs have made our position rather clear: There must be a way of licensing DME/HME providers. After all, we are dealing with sick and bedridden patients. Licensure is one viable solution.

Another answer is to get legislation passed (H.R.4920 and H.R.5083), or the future may become NIL for all. As we have reported, similar bills, both last year and the year before, never got out of committee.

Why did that happen? Did everyone work as hard as they could to get results? The state DME associations are contacting every congressman in their states to encourage them to get on board. They are having excellent success, but Tempus Fugit.

We now have a leader with Tom Ryan, President of AAHomecare. If we all get behind him, DME/HME dealers, manufacturers, vendors, industry associations, we will win. He is leading us, and is trying to raise sufficient support to bring these efforts to a successful conclusion.

Consider the value of your company. The decision to communicate with your state association and AAHomecare, and pay the necessary dues, is one worth making! If we do not win, what will happen to your company? Its value will disappear, and so will everything you have worked so hard to protect.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Greg Thompson

Director of Media Relations,
Greg Thompson
I did not realize how often I have read the weekly Medtrade Monday that we all receive with our e-mails. We take many things for granted, but we should not fail to recognize who prepares this message.

In order to reach your goals, it is imperative you understand what is happening almost daily, which can affect your business. You realize that if you don't, your company may fall aside. Medtrade Monday is your guide to the most important opportunities you find at the Exhibitions! It is only a few weeks away, 10/21-10/23, in Atlanta.

I want all of our readers to know that the source of this weekly mailing is Greg Thompson. I am very proud that I have met and know who Greg is! He is without a doubt a master author. Greg is a real gentleman. It is everyone’s privilege to read what he prepares in such clear words. Job 6:25: “How forcible are right words!” There is no way I can say that any better.

Greg will be very busy at Medtrade, but when you see him, please say, “Thank you.” I know how much he will appreciate hearing this from you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dress Code

What a difference a dress code can make! In a previous blog we wrote about providing your staff with jackets. Your company logo and the name of the employee are all that should be on the jacket. This modest expense is one with a great ROI.

Whatever you can do to make your store a focal point in the community is vital. The first impression a customer gets when they enter your showroom makes a big difference. It must be appropriate and positive. When a customer can clearly identify the salesperson’s name, the first step is taken. When your salesperson knows the client, that is fine, however if they do not know them, they must greet them with a simple, "May I help you?"

I received a message from a DME/HME dealer reminding me of a talk I gave at a Medtrade exhibition. This dealer, as do many others, provides all his staff with jackets. He sees to it that everyone on his staff, whether a delivery person or house sales employee, wears the company jacket. His company is a very successful operation, and he feels this dress code has contributed greatly to their success.
A good friend in upstate New York told me he saw a neighbor receiving oxygen equipment from another company. Those installation technicians looked like truck drivers, not at all professional. The last person a customer sees from your company is what remains in their memory. This dealer sees to it that his delivery people dress as well as the employees in the showroom.

Your showroom must be conducive to invite the customer to shop. I have often mentioned a few other ways to make your showroom the magnet it should be. I also recommend bright lights, signage, and of course, prices displayed on all merchandise. Most people will not purchase an item that does not have a price affixed. Would you?

Please be sure there are no dark corners. Everything should be bright and cheerful! Signs identifying every department should also be visible.

A good dress code puts your clientele at ease when they shop. You will hear this repeated in nearly every seminar and lecture on marketing at Medtrade in Atlanta this October 20-23. The show will be here before you know it - Have you registered yet? Use the promo code, SHELLY to get your Free Expo Pass at registration. I'll see you there!

Monday, September 15, 2014

H.R.4920, H.R.5083 PENDING

H.R.4920: the DMEPOS Medicare Competitive Bidding Improvement Act of 2014, and H.R.5083: the Medicare DMEPOS Audit Improvement and Reform (AIR) Act of 2014.

Last year, and the year before, there were similar bills pending in Congress. Our industry failed to get them out of committee and passed; not once, but twice! We must not allow that to happen again. In a baseball game, three strikes and you are out.

I am not talking about a ballgame; I am worried about an industry. You are concerned about all your customers and patients
. You should also be concerned about making a living for your staff and yourself. Every effort must be made to get these bills passed STAT.

I do not wish to paint a negative outcome. I realize that all DME/HME providers are aware of the consequences if our industry falls down another time. Don’t let this happen!

I know many dealers will participate at Medtrade in Atlanta this October. This year will probably have the highest number of attendees. But when I realize there probably are about 15,000 DME dealers in the country, I wonder why we aren’t able to get more dealers involved. When we do, everyone will benefit!

How many providers are sitting quietly, waiting for someone else to fight for them? There is no one else. Every DME/HME dealer must give more than lip service. Because this year it is so critical to have H.R.4920 and H.R.5083 passed, so we all must take steps to become dues paying members of AAHomecare and the State DME Associations.

These organizations have the power to help us win this battle, but in order to succeed, they need our support! There are no excuses for not participating, because there is really far, far too much at stake. If every DME/HME provider and dealer will cooperate and work diligently as a team, we can get these bills passed, and then when we convene at the Medtrade Exhibition next month, we can make that meeting a celebration! Can we do this? YES, we can!

Get on board, and we will win.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Six Four Eighteen

At the Medtrade Exhibition this fall in Atlanta, you can participate in a fantastic program, “6-4-18”, at a very modest cost.

You must register to attend these sessions, and I recommend that you do. There will be six classes presented, held over three days, exclusively to provide you with vital information designed to prepare you for the coming eighteen months. Space is limited, so when you register be sure to sign on for the 6-4-18 Seminars. The cost is a humble $49.00! What a small sum for such a superb program.
The 6-4-18 Series includes the following topics:

Wayne Grau; Jim Howle - Diversifying Your Revenue Sources: Looking Beyond Medicare

Wayne van Halem - Audits: A State of Confusion

Miriam Lieber - Leader As Role Models: The Key to Success in Today’s HME Environment

Jim Greatorex - The Best New HME Retail/Cash Opportunities

Mark Higley; Alan Morris; Jill Eckenrod - Outcomes-Based Growth: How Market Forces are Changing the Way HMEs are Growing Their Core Business

Michael Sperduti - The Elephant Man Married a Super Model! The Philosophy and Strategy to Achieving Big Goals Winning New Patient Referrals and Dominating Your Market.

I have had the good fortune to attend every Medtrade so far, and I can honesty say that I have never seen so many great opportunities for DME/HME companies. Register so you can attend these six hand-selected seminars as well as choosing from the vast number of other conference sessions that are being presented.  Please consider bringing as many of your “team” as possible. The cost for each will have an ROI far more than you can imagine.

When I had my DME, I always took my sales people, including my purchasing agent. This investment helped my company grow much more quickly that I anticipated. My team returned each year filled with new ideas. Yes, it really works! Please do the same.

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Build and Grow

As most of you probably did, I received the SOLUTIONS TO BUILD AND GROW brochure from Medtrade. I studied its pages and it suddenly dawned on me how different this pending show is going to be for every DME/HME provider. I am so impressed at how many answers dealers will find at the show.

The economic situation facing providers and vendors must be addressed. At Medtrade, October 20-23 in Atlanta, you will find answers. New products and new vendors have been preparing opportunities galore for you. There will be conferences, seminars and workshops to attend; all with the finest presenters and leaders.

There are many intriguing workshops available. If you are interested in the following topics, you will be in good hands at Medtrade:

  • Sales and marketing
  • Retail OTC
  • Business operations
  • Medicare
  • Legislative & Regulatory
  • Continuing Education,
  • Niche markets,
Be sure to attend this year's Networking & Special Events, including the Washington Update, the Power Lunch, and without a doubt, participate in the Stand Up for Homecare Reception. Perhaps this will be a highlight for you. Here you will meet Tom Ryan, President of AAHomecare. This has always proven to be both the most important as well as the most enjoyable part of a Medtrade Exposition for me!
Attend Medtrade's Networking & Special Events this October 20-23, in Atlanta, GA
If you are not in attendance October 20-23, how can you contemplate what will happen to your company? You must attend and try to bring with you as many members of your staff as possible.
I look forward to seeing you there. When you spot me walking the floor, please stop and introduce your self!
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Friday, September 5, 2014


Gridlock: A traffic jam in which no vehicle can move in either direction. (Webster’s Dictionary)
Oh my, doesn’t this sound like our congress?

Who in Washington D.C. is in charge? The senate has about 100 members, the house perhaps 525 congressmen. Certainly they should be able to introduce and pass new bills and better legislation. They have the power to resolve many problems.

But the last few congresses have not responded to the needs of any of their electorate. They do not really even speak with one another. Democrats and Republicans have become very stubborn, and they only vote for “their” party’s legislation. “Why give a damn about the folks at home,” seems to be what they are saying.

The president is not a dictator, and that is why our country has survived. But how much longer can this continue before something even more serious happens? I think of Germany in the early 1930s. Need I say more?

Our industry put forth a great deal of effort last year, and the year before, to get some important legislation out of committee. Two years ago, if we had been successful, the competitive bid legislation would have been changed. We failed!

We started all over last year and rolled up our sleeves. DME/HME dealers, AAHomecare, and the state associations worked even harder, and unfortunately we fell short again. Once again we were unable to get the pending legislation out of committee.

This year may be our last chance, and so we have no other choice. We MUST put all of our strength into getting new legislation passed.

I have a warm feeling that with the efforts of our entire industry, following the lead by Tom Ryan (AAHomecare) we might be able to get this accomplished before Medtrade in October.


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