Thursday, October 4, 2012

Help for Small Business

I do not like to use the term “small business”.  The average DME/HME location may not have the same volume as does a Target or a WalMart, but for the principal, it is still a “very large” operation. The owner's family and the employees all depend on its success to maintain their way of life!

This makes the average DME/HME location into a big business because they have a following of clientele and customers who depend on them.

Recently, there was an interesting article in my local newspaper about entrepreneurship. It listed some programs available when you seek help. As the economy of the United States has started back on the road to recovery these sources can be of great value. When I had my company, I was able to get some very excellent advice through SCORE. The personnel of SCORE are all retired, very successful business executives.

As I met with them, I showed every segment of my operation and told them how much money I was seeking. After the SCORE counselor studied each facet of how we function, he assisted me in obtaining a bank loan.

Today, there are also more than 1,000 Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) throughout the country. Their counselors are available to provide free one-on-one sessions with you. They will also help develop a new business plan, help manage your accounting and give advice for marketing.

This free service is available for every DME/HME provider. You should contact SBDC so they can help you develop new approaches.

This year at Medtrade (10/16-10/18) there will be many opportunities and experts to help you find answers. The economy is getting brighter and it is your turn to be in the forefront!

Yes, there is a lot of help available for your business. Take advantage of the opportunity. This year Medtrade is the best place to get answers. Come prepared and learn how to attain every one of your goals. 

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