Friday, October 15, 2010

Good News - Becoming a Member Just Got Easier

Is your future at stake? What is happening in Congress? What are the rules being foisted on you?

HME providers have to protect their business. While doing that they also must protect all of their clientele. They need you! This cannot be accomplished alone; by banding together with other dealers, the chances for success are in your favor.

The American Association for Homecare (AAHomecare) is today the most effective and strongest voice you have. The association is opening the door for every HME provider to become a member. It has rolled back fees to the 1997 rate and has made it possible for smaller providers, those who do less than $600,000 sales annually, to become a member. Thank you!
This is wonderful news. Annual dues now are only $995/annum or $600/annum for small providers. Please join now! You can visit the AAHomecare booth (and the state HME association booths) at Medtrade.

The cost of membership in AAHomecare and your state HME association is not an expense. It is a normal part of the cost of running a business. You must purchase insurance to protect your investment. You have to belong to these associations for the same reasons, to protect your bottom line. If you have any doubts about this, please ask your accountant and you will find that it is true.

I could list all the benefits that belonging gives you. When you read the industry journals you will realize how they address every problem our industry faces on your behalf. Every day AAHomecare and your state DME associations are working for you. If every HME provider would become a member, they would be able to accomplish many more things for the industry.

I know how valuable membership is, so please pick up the phone and call AAHomecare at (703) 535-1882 and tell them Shelly sent you.

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