Friday, February 25, 2011

Get on Board!

If ever attending a meeting was important, it is now! I am referring to the March 16 and 17 Washington, DC Legislative Conference sponsored by AAHomecare.

Our industry is facing some issues that must be addressed and every effort must be made to correct them. To get positive results we all have to make our voices heard. Getting to see your legislators and supporting this conference can accomplish it. Get on Board!

AAHomecare has arranged for three Republican and three Democratic Representatives to speak to the attendees. There will also be many HLAs from both the Senate and the House for you to meet. You have to be there! The AAHomecare staff will make appointments and provide the necessary material for you to meet your congressmen in their offices. But if you stay at home, what will happen?

Think about how the new oxygen reimbursement schedule will affect your company? Consider what you will do if your company is not a winner in the competitive bid? Who will take care of your clients, people you have served for many years and who depend on you, if they are forced to go elsewhere?

The time is getting very close, but I know that there are rooms still available at reduced prices in DC. Contact AAHomecare now (703-207-6263). You can make a difference by participating. I am afraid of what might happen if you do not!

You owe this to your employees and the senior citizens and patients you have given so much care, service and love. Get on board and insure there will be a tomorrow!

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