Monday, July 25, 2011

Creating a Successful Retail Operation (Part III)

One of the largest markets in the United States is that for home medical equipment. The problem is that I do not see enough small independents earning their share of this market.

There is no easy road to success, but the road is there. It takes planning, as I tried to outline in the two previous messages. As recommended, work with all of your employees. I have always discovered that they usually know more about their little sphere than the principal does. When you listen to them and encourage their activities, the results will be worth all the effort.

One of the best tools available to you is attending the informative state association meetings. There you will hear interesting speakers and meet many of the reps who call on you. But even more important is that with the support they give you, and all the providers in your state, they will protect your companys! Whether you have difficulties with Medicaid, reimbursements or local politics, the state associations work for their member. They can make contacts, speak on your behalf and they accomplish a great deal.

Another big opportunity can be found is Medtrade. This is always the Mecca for DME/HME dealers and providers. You will meet all of the manufacturers at their displays and learn what they can do to help you. Listen to key speakers and return home with many new ideas. Speak with your peers, work with state directors and members. It is all there for you!

Medtrade 2011 will feature a new Retail Education Center that will highlight the opportunities this area offers. The idea is to offer you ideas through the conference and the Expo to ensure you have access to the right ideas and the right partners.

Visit today to learn more about the retail-focused events and opportunities.

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