Sunday, May 30, 2010

Become Lean

America has the reputation of having the largest “overweight” population. I want to see how HME providers can help reduce his problem.

I met with a provider from the Midwest who started a very interesting program. He spoke to several health care providers in his community to discuss how to attack this growing situation. They decided to jointly sponsor a “become lean” Saturday morning event in the provider's showroom. They set up the showroom with several weighing stations. They put up a display of small home scales with the prominent price sign. They ran some advertisements and to their very pleasant surprise in the four hours scheduled they saw nearly 100 people.

They have repeated this program every few months and it has proven to be a good traffic builder and a great many of the people who attended have remained as customers.

Speak to some local physicians, dietary personnel and nurses to work with you. America has become weight conscious and this presents an opportunity.

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