Sunday, May 30, 2010

Health Care Bill (part two)

Yes, as we are all aware, the Comprehensive Healthcare Reform Bill was passed by Congress and signed by the President. It will create some new opportunities for DME/HME providers. The opportunity that Isee comes from the fact that perhaps as many as 32 million citizens, who do not have any healthcare coverage today, will soon have it. They are all potential customers.

This will be happening in 2014, so you have a few years to build a stronger base. One way is for prvidersto make their location a hub for healthcare supplies. Holding regularly scheduled open house days in your showroom, checking blood pressure, blood sugar, washing wheelchairs and holding seminars offering weight reduction programs are some of the things you know. There is no end to the disciplines you provide. Make these become magnets to draw customers to your showroom.

Make yourself and members of your staff available as speakers to all civic and church associations in your community. Provide the coffee and doughnuts at their meetings. All you want in return is to have a table in the rear where you can hand out goodies and literature. This is a simple way to build sales, goodwill and make your company name a prominent one in the community. Use the local newspapers and radio or even TV to announce your open houses. Advertise your products in conjunction with preferred vendors. There is is so much is available to help you build your company, so take advantage of that. This will attract all of the potential new customers, keep your regular customers happy and build new and larger sales by the goodwill it will develop.

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