Monday, July 26, 2010

Business Operations Part I: Recommend, Don't Demand

I want to post a series of articles designed to help you improve your business operations. A smooth running ship is always able to reach its goals.

A soft approach to your employees is by “recommending” that they do things a certain way. Be careful that you are not telling your staff NOT to do things the way they have been normally operating, but rather to be looked upon as a guide.

After discussions with providers from many parts of the country at Medtrade, one thing has become very clear. The principal runs the more successful operations and he or she allows the staff to modify things (within bounds) to attain goals.

An old friend from St. Louis told me he meets with each employee at least once a month to speak about his or her role in the company. Since his employees are involved with every phase of the operation he gets great feedback.

When things are going smoothly they are congratulated for their good work. If any changes are necessary the “boss” recommends them.

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