Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Running Your Company Sometimes Means Saving Your Business

In my last few blogs I have been trying to direct more providers to join hands with the industry associations. I realize that no one can stand alone, especially during these trying times. The United States of America is still working its way out of the recession, unemployment has been hovering at a high rate (10 percent) and the government does not know where or how to find the dollars to cover all the necessary programs. Certainly, these funds should not come from the paltry reimbursements you receive for your services.

Providers call me and tell me they are aware of the situation they face, but they do not have the time to participate in anything other than running their business. So I have to ask: “Do you run your company or does the company run you?”

Look at your staff, your team members. They all should have specific spheres of interest and still know all the other phases of the operation. Each one will help take some of the load off your shoulders. They have to follow your instructions. You are the captain, they are the troops. You sign their paychecks and you have to be sure that they are earning them!

A well-run business will allow you to find the required time to attend state meetings, go to the Medtrade exhibitions, to lobby and contact your legislators and still have the ability to supervise all the details to allow your company to remain successful.

To help fight the many wars our industry faces the necessity for the national and the state associations should be readily recognized. Without the support of the industry and the necessary funds, providers face a dire future. But, with your backing, they will fight for you, provide the tools that you and your customers can use, and help find a solution to many of the difficulties we face. So please, make your voice heard, join. Join now!

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