Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Get the Education You Need at Medtrade

Over the years while attending Medtrade, I have had the pleasure of listening to some of the finest professionals in our industry. Just to list them all would fill several pages. All of these very knowledgeable gurus are some of the most important reasons why you must attend Medtrade.

Whatever discipline or avenue you wish to follow, there is someone who will be able to provide guidance. Wherever your interest lies, be it sales and marketing, accreditation, oxygen, rehab, or any of the many spheres of interest, there will be several seminars available to you. Review the list carefully to be sure you do not miss any that are of value to your company.

It is very difficult to attend all of the sessions that are offered. I recommend participating as a team. Bring to Medtrade some of your most deserving employees who will benefit from this experience. The modest cost of this will have a great ROI. Schedule with them which lectures they wish to attend. Be sure they keep excellent notes and share those and the presentation handouts with other team members.

You will be honoring your employees for what they have already accomplished by allowing them to develop new goals to achieve.

I have had the pleasure of speaking at previous Medtrade seminars. I love to observe the audience watching the screen and busily taking notes.

When I speak with many of the providers I have known over the years, one thing becomes very clear. They have run their businesses very successfully and have indicated how much they have learned each year at Medtrade. There are few schools that can provide the amount of knowledge in the short period of time as at Medtrade.


  1. As a newcomer to the industry (being fresh out of college), I am incredibly grateful for having crossed paths with EZ-ACCESS. Aside from being an incredible company, EZ-ACCESS gives back so much value to its employees and community. I'm excited to say that this November I will be attending my first Medtrade with our team, and I hope that I'm lucky enough to cross paths with you at the event!

    -Megan Schmit
    EZ-ACCESS, division of Homecare Products, Inc

  2. Shelly, no one gives HME business owners better advice than you! Medtrade continues to offer not only an outstanding professional event, but the opportunity to meet those in the industry, as yourself, who can continue to place our issues and challenges in perspective. Thanks for continuing to share your advice and wisdom with our colleagues. And thank you for your friendship! Louis Feuer, Dynamic Seminars & Consulting, Inc.

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