Monday, October 4, 2010

What to do Today - Part I

We are standing on the threshold of a changing economy. We are all aware of what the last 24 months have done to our profession. Now, our industry must look at things differently.

Every indication seems to be saying that the “recession” is almost behind us. I feel it was a depression, but whatever people wish to call it, times are changing.

When the times are changing so must you. There are three months left to this year. I suggest that you sit down today to start to write a new business plan for 2011. Review where in the last 24 months the bulk of your sales were developed. Did they come from OTC, Medicare, Medicaid or other third-party payors? Perhaps you are in a locale that has a great number of walk-ins, this must be considered. The important first thing to study is where the sales came from?

The second step is to break down all sales by just how much each discipline provided. Did the sales come from oxygen, rehab, diabetics, incontinence products, sales or via walk-ins? Please include the total of every segment you provide, not just the major ones. If you need any additional help, ask your accountant.

Once all of the material is gathered and studied, then the next step is to report to your staff the results. It is very important that you involve every employee. Then together new goals can be established.

It is important that you get everyone working for the company involved. Even your delivery staff will be able to tell you about what they see when bringing parcels to accounts.

In my next blog I will bring you to part 2. If there are any questions you have, please call me at (877) 553-5127. I have heard from some of my readers and am always excited when you take a moment to call me.

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