Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Heard at the Medtrade Expo

One of the many benefits of attending Medtrade is the ability to meet with peers. More information is shared in brief conversations at this venue than at any other place. I realize this happens because the showroom floor is a neutral arena. West coast and East coast business people shared ideas with those from the Deep South and the frozen North and they all learn from one another.

The largest concern from those I spoke to was what will happen to them when the awards from the competitive bids become a reality. Will they be able to survive? Not one of the two dozen or so principals with whom I spoke was negative. When I questioned them further, the consensus was that change is always taking place and they accepted that as a fact. They said in all the years they have operated their companies they faced many difficult challenges and yet they still continued to grow.

All did not submit the competitive bid. Others who did thought they would not be successful. They came to Medtrade to get ideas for rebuilding their business approach for the future. They came to meet vendors seeking new and different OTC cash sale opportunities. They told me they found many potential sales opportunities for their operation on the showroom floor.

Safety products, especially for those with disabilities, were sought and found. Lifts for the house or for the car, ramps, emergency response products, hampers and grab bars, transport products, and sports medicine and exercise equipment displays were all destinations for these entrepreneurs. Footwear and foot care was another segment being looked at. The basic standards such as ADL, apparel, wheelchairs and other ambulatory products, chairs and accessories, all saw attention from attendees. There was so much available this year and I spoke to many people who said that they found what they came for. That is what Medtrade does.

In the 30-odd years I have been attending Medtrade, never have I seen more dedicated attendees. Those HME providers who took the time to locate new business directions are ready to bring them to market and will continue to grow and expand.

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