Friday, December 3, 2010

Medtrade Report II

It was very interesting to tour the Medtrade NextGen Accessible Home display on the Medtrade showroom floor. Today most HME providers are seeking cash sale OTC items. This was clearly visible as the attendees made their rounds to visit as many vendors as possible.

Most senior citizens want to live in their own homes. This is a major consideration for our industry. The bulk of the senior Americans today have available the discretionary dollars to obtain those items for their comfort! Family caregivers are making every effort to see that all aids to daily living items are there for Mom and Pop. They do not want to see their parents institutionalized or placed in a long-term care facility.

The NextGen team put together a fabulous display. There was a real house set up on the showroom floor! A map was provided to guide the guests through the house. About forty manufacturers of specialty items had their products set up in the appropriate room. Everything displayed was ideal for OTC cash sales.

Starting at the outside entrance and exit were special ramps. Whether the homeowner needed a wheelchair or a walking aid, there was something available for them. Then, starting in the living room, going to the kitchen, checking the master and guest bathrooms, seeing the utility room and finishing in the master and guest bedrooms, they were all filled with great potential cash sales.

Visiting the NextGen home, attendees saw products ranging from lifts, monitors, bath safety, beds and mattresses, telephones, dispensers, footwear and more. This was one of exhibits that dramatically showed how to go after new cash sales!

If you can rearrange your company showroom to set up display “rooms,” they will become magnets to bring in new traffic. Promote OTC products and make your company a Mecca, a place where people will want to go!

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