Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Important Information

When I speak with HME providers, I am often surprised that they have not stayed abreast with many of the problems we all face as an industry. I can appreciate that and understand why this is a problem.

Today most providers, or should I say proprietors, are working so many hours each day that they find little time to sit down to study the messages they receive. A brief revue is what most will do, but that is no longer sufficient. It is imperative to stay abreast of everything that may affect their company.

At Medtrade, I found time to have a cup of coffee with the principal of a major HME company. Being very aware of how busy he is running his operation, two locations and many employees, I asked him how he kept up and responded to what is going on in our industry.

His response was so important and I am going to share it with all of our readers.

Every day he takes time in the morning to read all the messages he received. He then acts on each by sending a copy to the employees who may be involved. If not, he sets it aside to do what is necessary by himself.

He told me that “there is nothing more valuable than knowing what is happening daily.” He tells me that now every Monday he studies the email newsletters provided by the various industry publications and Medtrade. He looks forward to the emails and literature he obtains from his state association. He enjoys the print copies of the industry magazines and studies them all. Each for him is a source of information. He has attended every Medtrade since he opened his operation and told me that there he is able to make many good deals and establish better relations with his suppliers.

By staying informed you will meet all you goals.

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