Friday, December 30, 2011

Communicate for a Great New Year

What do we mean when we say communication? The dictionary shows many means of communication, all are correct! However for a HME provider, it is one of the best tools available to help the business expand and increase profits.

In a previous post, I spoke about “serious thinking” and recommended that you write a new business plan for 2012. I am sending you something to put into your business plan - a means of communication. This is something that many successful providers do, they communicate.

During my days as a provider I sent out a post card every week to all my customers. This was very inexpensive and I always had an idea to share, a good healthcare tip, an invitation to see a new product and occasionally a single item at a big discount for one week only. I never ran out of ideas.

Today, that is rather expensive and with the great amount of junk mail delivered by the Postal Service, no longer effective. It would get lost with the appeals for contributions, return address labels, magazines, newspapers and so much mo.

But at your fingertips is your computer. This should be filled with a great deal of information known only to you. Use it, not as a blog but as weekly newsletter. The title should show your company name; e.g.: John and Mary Jones DME Weekly Newsletter.

Keep them brief, large pica (16 or 18), some humor, a picture if possible and your telephone number. As your customers get accustomed to receiving this they will pass them on to neighbors. Invite your staff members to write some for you. This brings the company closer to the customer.

Make the New Year, 2012, your best year by planning and communicating!

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