Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Biggest Coming Event

Shelly and Thelma Prial at their daughter Pam's wedding (1983).
Sometimes many things happen far too quickly, and before you realize it, they have arrived and are unresolved! I am referring to the pending Medtrade Exhibition where a multitude of questions and problems will be answered and resolved. There are so many problems which all seem to be happening simultaneously, making it even more imperative that every DME/HME dealer attend Medtrade!

Bring a key employee with you to Medtrade! There is so much activity scheduled that one person will not be able to participate in as many as they would like, and thus way too much knowledge will be left behind. As the reports reach my desk and I see how many new companies will be exhibiting, coupled with all that will be returning, I realize how vital and important it is for every DME/HME provider to be walking the floor and actively participating.

The classes and the lecturers at Medtrade are always a major attraction; together with your employees, you will double your efforts. After all, isn’t that why you will be there?

You will see working the floor, attending lectures and being active, all the successful DME/HME dealers. For them this is not a “holiday” but a major source of information and ideas for how to face the coming events. To them, this is an investment for the future

I was a boy scout about 75 years ago, and I learned I must always “be prepared”. These two words served me well when I was in the service and have never been lost. You too must always “be prepared”!
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