Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Van Miller

Van G. Miller, CEO and Founder of The VGM Group
Photo credit: HME News
We will all miss Van G. Miller!
His efforts built DME/HME into a major profession. As a consequence of Van’s hard work, today's dealers and providers have the same recognition as do pharmacists and nurses. Van was the leader necessary during his tenure and he accomplished much for the benefit of all of us. Van was the correct person at the right time, and today we all must be grateful for everything he did, not for himself, but for all of us!

Van was a very modest gentleman, and in his own quiet way, he accomplished a great deal. His word was his bond! I will miss him - we all will miss Van G. Miller; however, we must show our appreciation by continuing to further develop DME/HME in his image. His mark, The VGM Group, is reflected in our industry as the mark of high quality.
There is no better way to do things than to do them as Van did!

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