Monday, June 28, 2010

Fireworks and HME

On the Fourth of July, it is customary to have a fireworks display celebrating our liberty. The United States of America is a country where citizens enjoy freedom of choice. Yes, we all can make our own decisions and then we are rewarded either with a success or not, but it was our decision.

On the sixth of July CMS will be making some decisions, which may not auger well for DME/HME providers (no freedom of choice). There are going to be some explosive fireworks and my fear is that these will not constitute a celebration. Will this allow providers and dealers free choice? Will a citizen be able to obtain their supplies and medications where they wish? The PECOS (provider enrollment, chain and ownership system) database will eliminate from the program referrals from a non-PECOS registered physician.

I must admit that I find this all very confusing. Again I ask: will dealers be able to provide supplies to their clientele that have been correctly ordered by their patient’s physician or will they be denied? Will this happen on July 6 or be postponed until January 3, 2011? In my 60 odd years in this industry I have never seen such confusion of the part of CMS for both providers and patients.

This is a battle we must fight and there is one way to have some measure of success. You can do a great deal locally. Contact your legislators, get your staff involved, get the senior citizens you know to participate (and senior citizens constitute a large voting block). Make phone calls and send e-mails. Do all of this now!

But please be sure you join the national associations and your state DME association. They have the know how. They have the facts and necessary information to bring to Congress. They have people who call on Congress! But they cannot do any of that if they do not have sufficient funds. The big dollar conglomerates have the lobbyists bringing dollars to get their way. You can help guide votes to keep out of Congress those politicians who only worship money and not their constituents.

Lets get some fireworks of our own and become a team to protect our business and our clientele. Do all of this now!
If you need any help, I am always available ( or 877-553-5127).

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