Wednesday, June 16, 2010

An Opportunity that Makes Sense

I just completed a phone call with an old friend from Chicago. He shared with me his recent experience of hiring two new salespeople.

In Chicago, as in almost every city in the United States, college graduates have not been able to find jobs.

This entrepreneur hired two graduates from a local college at an entry-level salary. It took several weeks to train them about what HME providers offer to the community but he had a novel idea. He decided that since he stocked many of the items that a physician, home health agency or a VNA would normally purchase, he could train his new salespeople to become their supplier. He also realized each of these is also a great source for referrals. A double hit!

Then to make it more challenging for his new sale force, he worked out a commission program. The report he gave me was so upbeat that I could not wait to sit down and prepare this blog.

When things are not going as you would like them to, it leaves you with only a few choices. The smart businessperson will investigate what he or she can do to increase sales and profits. Over the years when I visit with friends at the Medtrade shows, I always ask those in various parts of the country about what they do to continue their growth pattern.

Hiring young people just graduating from college is a wonderful idea. They are young and anxious to prove themselves! The success rate they have performed has been phenomenal. I know many HME providers who got their start in just this fashion. So, all I can say is to please take advantage of this as a golden opportunity.

I would love to hear from some of my readers about what they have done. Please take a few moments and send me a message.

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