Monday, August 23, 2010

Do They Know How to Find You? Publicity Matters

There are times when you have to get out and blow your own horn. What I am saying is make it known throughout the community who you are and what your company does. Invite everyone to pay you a visit.
With the economy being rather shallow these days and with many people seeking jobs, it is important that they know all about your company. There are many people looking for supplies but afraid to spend the precious few dollars. The major marketers who “save” their clients many dollars when they make a purchase have brought about this lack of confidence. But, that is all they do. Do they really save them any real money? What you can do for your clientele far exceeds what they can!

Too many citizens seem to forget about what a HME provider or an independent pharmacist does for them. Tell them! Blow your own horn!

I have suggested often that you send mailings. Take advertisements in the local newspaper and the radio station and even on television. I have spoken to many providers at Medtrade about their promotions. It appears that many of the more successful operators offer one program in common. They all hold an “Open House” periodically in their showroom.

They make it a point to have a local practitioner (doctor, nurse or therapist) come and speak to the attendees. They also invite one or two of their manufacturers to man a display and hand out literature. These “Open House” days set your company miles above the chain and discount marketers.

This earns your company the publicity it needs.

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