Monday, August 23, 2010

Telemedicine: Have You Considered the Opportunity?

It appears that home telemedicine, or tele-health, has not yet reached the average HME provider. Perhaps this is because not enough providers have had the opportunity to learn about this as a new opportunity.

Home telemedicine; what is it? The prefix “tele” means at, over, from, or to a distance. “Home” means being able to provide vital health information from ones domicile to the physician, nurse, practitioner, therapist or family caregiver. Every patient, every senior citizen who can be monitored and treated at home, not in an institution, is a candidate for telemedicine.

Believe it or not, home tele-health came about because President John F. Kennedy, when he gave the goal to NASA of landing an American on the moon, opened up this opportunity. Telemedicine was devised as the means to check the astronauts while traveling in space.

This ability for health professionals to check their patients without having to make a visit (e.g.: home health agencies) or going to an office away from their home is very important. The cost savings and improvement in care are just two of the many benefits. It is estimated that home telemedicine can grow into a $20 billion industry.

Is there a role for HME providers? Yes! The opportunity for your company to become the center of activity is huge. But, it requires some effort on your part. You have to learn who are the manufacturers and how they are currently marketing their equipment. One of the goals for this year's Medtrade is to invite some home telemedicine companies to participate. A network, emanating from your office, starting with the patient sending their vital signs to their physician and other health care providers, with the equipment you will supply is immeasurable.

The major manufacturers of this equipment can either build their own sales force (expensive) or work with a HME dealer (practical) to provide and monitor this equipment.

I hope that you will be able to participate as a home telemedicine source. If you would like additional information do not hesitate to contact me at (877) 553-5127 or Get on board now!

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