Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Talking Politics

A lesson I learned many years ago was never to discuss politics or religion. These always lead to heated discussions. But, today, our industry faces some very serious challenges and politics must be addressed.

Can providers continue to function if they have to price their services based on competitive bids? Yes they can, but with great difficulty. This was the reason behind my recommending not allowing Medicare to become more than 20% of your total sales. As I said, accept all Medicare but be sure to increase of your volume with over-the-counter sales or other disciplines as that grows.

HME providers have the ability to affect votes. Votes are what keep politicians in office. Your patients, family caregivers, customers and other professionals all must be made to comprehend the problems. What you can do is to keep a friend of health care in office. This is something you must do. Your business is at stake!

The products and care that you provide should be sufficient for people to listen to your advice. When providers were asked to get letters from their clientele in the past to alert Congress to a problem, the response was amazing. What should be done now is to alert voters. You have to ask that they do vote (lethargy keeps them away) and then suggest, as best you can, which candidates they should support.

I ask that every HME provider contact the candidates to determine which of them understand what the situation is providing health care. When you know where they stand, then give your support to those who will be on the team. Candidates have to be made aware that your company and clientele can influence the vote! You have the ability to do this! Remember, if they do not receive votes they will not be in office.

If you have had any experiences along these lines, please let me know. I can be reached at (877) 553-6127. I would also like to speak with you at Medtrade this year.

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