Friday, February 18, 2011

Never Walk Alone

As I study the various regulations that our industry is coping with, a melody keeps running through my head. In the musical Carousel, the lyrics I hear are: “walk on, walk on with hope in your heart; and you’ll never walk alone; you’ll never walk alone.” This was Oscar Hammerstein at his best and today is when we must all have “hope in our hearts.”

To me “hope” is a call to work. The time now is for all HME providers to change their attitude from hope to work. Not every provider can win participation in the competitive bid. To my great surprise a large number of providers, many more than anticipated, did not submit a bid. They felt that to be put into a situation where they would receive such a minimum reimbursement for supplies and services that they would never be able to maintain their companies.

I have spoken to a great number of entrepreneurs who feel that their HME businesses would adapt in very short order to live without the “bid.” They would develop new disciplines and become very aggressive in building OTC cash sales. I agree with them 100%. What makes me feel so good was they felt that this so-called “bid' will be cancelled. Then, once again they will be able to provide the services beneficiaries seek. The marketing changes they now are putting into place will make a big difference.

What I find most interesting is that those providers with whom I have spoken are all looking forward to Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas. Their plan is to speak to as many exhibitors possible to find new OTC cash sales that fit into their operations. They will never “walk alone.” They will turn “hope” into“ a better means of existing and growing.

A review of the exhibitors indicates that there are many new opportunities to be found at Medtrade Spring. They, too, same as HME providers, are seeking customers with whom they can expand. There will be many speakers who will also bring new ideas and programs to you.

How best to cope with competitive bidding? Where to locate new OTC cash sales? What to do when you face an audit or a review? These are topics that will be covered. If you have not you’re your reservations to attend Medtrade Spring yet, please do so ASAP. This is where you will get your answers!

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