Friday, February 18, 2011

Information, please!

Every successful entrepreneur knows how important it is to obtain current information. Armed with facts they are able to plan and grow. Our industry is very fortunate that we have many excellent magazines that keep everyone updated.

I just received a copy of the “Survey Results and Analysis” HME News did last month. This report is current and filled with many interesting facts. The survey results and analysis make for fascinating reading.

HME News is not alone in providing information and thoughts to enable your company to plan for the future. Every issue of HomeCare magazine is filled with articles showing what other providers have accomplished.

There are many other publications that cover every facet of our industry. At Medtrade meetings the various magazines are stacked up in several locations so you can get copies and subscribe to those that are of interest.

Come to Medtrade Spring 2011 where you will get ideas to cope with some of the major problems that have to be resolved. Just how to get around the so-called “competitive bid” legislation should be sufficient reason to attend.

You know your company, your strengths and weaknesses. The OTC retail sales are a valuable asset to expand. “Audits and reviews” are staring at dealers, what to do? Medtrade Spring 2011 has the answers.

More than 300 exhibitors are going to be there. Your company must also be there. There will be many seminars where you and members of your staff will be given tools to grow.

I look forward to meeting many of our readers and greeting you all. All of the many publications that can assist your company will be found there. Information please, yes indeed, “Medrade Spring 2011 has the answers.”

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