Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What, When, Where and How?

It seems that most of the questions I have received in the last few weeks all began with one of the above words. I have been involved with health care for the last 60-odd years and understand your concerns. However, there is a big difference in what I hear today from what was asked in the past.

Fear! Fear for the future! I would like to quote President Franklin D. Roosevelt: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” When you look at your assets and then at your market, every HME provider should smile and roll up their sleeves. There is no need for fear, but for opportunity!

I am aware of what our legislators are trying to accomplish with the competitive bidding program. You must band together with your state DME and the national associations. They will lead the battle with your support. If you do not belong to them, please join with them.

You have to become a very aggressive marketer. Look at what the major supermarkets are doing. Big advertisements, all of which say “save money by shopping in my location.” You can also say it!

At Medtrade this year you will be able to find many opportunities. The exhibitors will show products, which can be very successfully marketed in your hometown. By working in tandem with these vendors you can develop new business, attract more clientele and increase both sales and profits. That won’t happen unless you and your staff all get behind these opportunities with a great deal of enthusiasm, hard work and effort. Is it worth all that? You bet it is!

“No great man ever complains of want of opportunity.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said this. It is only a couple of weeks until the doors will open at Medtrade. Come prepared to find those opportunities, which can be best exploited by your company, there, will be so much to see. Come early, and you will go home prepared to make the coming year your best ever.

Who, when, where or how? The answers will be found at Medtrade, October 24-27 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

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