Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Once again the Medtrade Accessible Home will be displayed at Medtrade for you to visit. The house will showcase a multitude of items all displayed in the correct rooms and will presented by Medtrade, Accessible Home Improvement of America and Nationwide Homes.

When you return home you will be able to tell customers, nurses, physicians and family caregivers about this. For the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, bedroom, garage, yard, there are specific items available for their comfort. The ability to stay at home is what people want!

You know your clientele. You are familiar with their problems and so it will be easy to provide information for them to make remaining at “home sweet home.”

There are a vast number of items now available that family caregivers will want . Again, at Medtrade, you will discover many new items that can provide for their comfort and convenience. There is not always the need for institutionalization. You will also see specialty design items you can tell to family caregivers, which will also lead to new sales.

Touring the Medtrade Accessible Home you will be able to identify many new retail opportunities. This is another reason to make the trip to Atlanta!

If you have not registered to attend please do so now. It is from October 24-27 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. Be there!

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