Friday, March 23, 2012

Do you know the ABCs and ROIs of DME/HME?

ROI means Return On Investment. A good ROI is what every principal of a DME/HME company and their accountant seek.

Every service you offer requires an investment. It can be number of dollars or time spent. No matter what how you identify it, there is an investment made. Taking an advertisement, offering to do a seminar, holding an open house, speaking at schools and churches, all of these are time consuming and each has a cost. So be sure what you offer will provide you with an ROI. When done correctly these all will pay-off for you.

My main concern is how you maintain your inventory. A dealer last year at Medtrade told me about a “great deal” (his words) he obtained from one of his vendors. He purchased a six-month supply of their products for an extra discount. He thought he made a lot of dollars. I had to disagree!

More money is made by turnover; the number of times you sell an item and replace it. At a seminar I attended at a previous Medtrade this was explained as follows:

On January 1, you buy an item for $90.00 and sell it for $150.00. The gross profit in that transaction is 40%. If you sell that item and replace it only once a month, the ROI in one year of an investment of $90.00 is $720.00 profit. If you purchase a six month supply of the same item to earn an additional discount then you will run into the problem of storage, where and tear and handling. You have tied up your cash and these precious dollars are not available for anything else.

I believe the term accountant’s use is Activity Based Costing or “ABC”. It has proven to be much less expensive to pay few percent more than to fill your warehouse or storage space. Better profits always will come from “turn-over” and that reflects as a better Return On Investment (ROI).

Please discuss ROI versus turnover with your accountant because a fluid cash flow is the heart of any business. This is particularly true for DME/HME where things can change so rapidly.

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