Monday, March 5, 2012

Take Action!

The best way to describe action is behavior with energy and resolution. It means getting off your chair and doing something.

In the past few weeks DME/HME providers have been asked to make phone calls, send letters and roll up their sleeves to fight some of the onerous legislation being introduced. You are also being asked to support specific politicians and legislations. Are you doing what has been asked of you?

I have on many occasions, when speaking with providers, tried to determine the response they received from the elected officials they contacted. When I receive a message from the state and national associations, I pick up the phone and make calls, write memos or send e-mails. I am sure that the great number of members of state associations, AAHomecare, NAIMES, VGM, MED Group and similar organizations do the same. They ask you to do something!

BUT……. When I hear from dealers who do not belong to these organizations they answer me with a ‘WHY’? If they don’t belong, they say they have no obligation. This shocks me, because they are “free-loaders” and beneficiaries of another person’s dollars.

Can you imagine how much more effective these associations would be if almost 100% of the dealers and providers paid dues, worked with their associations and joined in the battle? They need your energy and resolution! They need your financial support. They will keep you in business; they will help you fight the changes that can be destructive.

There is no one else who can do this other than you. NO ONE ELSE!

Stand Up for Homecare Medtrade Spring 2011

If you’re going to Medtrade Spring, be sure to join AA Homecare at the annual Stand Up for Homecare Reception.

If you aren't going to Vegas for the show, be sure to check out AA Homecare's Action center to find out how you can help on a local and national level! TAKE ACTION

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