Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Planning & Implementing

Robert Burns is often quoted as saying: “the best laid plans of mice and men may often go astray.” He is correct!

Over the years many DME/HME dealers have shared with me their thoughts; what they are planning to do to build more sales and increase their profits. I have heard so many excellent ideas.

But there is a difference between planning and implementing and so I want to stir things up a bit. Implementing is to continue the planning. Take your excellent ideas and turn them into reality.

Appoint the members of your staff who are responsible to explain the program you planned. Be sure to give a copy of the plan to each of them. Then appoint specific functions to every employee and have them coalesce. In that way they will meld into a team. Monitor and work closely with your employees.

If any of your preferred vendors products are featured, do not hesitate to ask them for support. You will be surprised with what they can do to enhance your program, which will help implement it.

Planning is only the first step. Implementing is the next step to harvest the crop. It requires a great team effort to reach your goal. Every member of your staff from the voice on the telephone to the drivers of the delivery vehicles has to contribute to your “plan.”

Alexander Dumas said “Nothing succeeds like success” and I want to add that happens only when you implement your plans!

Feel free to call me on my WAT – 1-877-553-5127 or send me an e-mail. I will be delighted to help you with any thoughts you may have. If you are attending Medtrade Spring, please stop me and let us speak.

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