Thursday, May 17, 2012

Shelly Looks Back: Read & Listen

A very long time ago, perhaps 1932, when I started public school the teacher told the class that we would all learn to read and listen.  I don’t know why I remember this today in my 86th year. I still recall her words; read and listen!

As all of us do, we read a great deal. I start off each morning with three newspapers at my door and go through them very carefully. So many ideas and information (both good and bad) are at our fingertips to absorb. I personally have developed ideas, thoughts and cautions by doing this and I try to pass them on to our readers.

I am a major patron of the public library! I assume you all are. I listen to everyone (and yes, I talk too much) but I really do hear what everyone says.

Here are a few things to guide you. Every Monday there are two letters on my e-mail list that I read. They are the Medtrade Monday Newsletter and HomeCare Monday. As you do, I also receive the HME News reports, many state association memos and a plethora of other important information. I know this takes time, but I repeat my message of  reading and listening. All of what is sent (and read) will help you  build a better business, miss some bumps on the road  and protect your company. What is available to you is fantastic.

Last week, there was a report by Jeff Baird in Medtrade Monday “Keys to a Successful Compliance.” and in HomeCare Monday about the “pending hearing in the House relative to competitive bidding.’ HAVE YOU READ THEM? To remain solvent and  successful in these wild times you must read and listen!

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