Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Why doesn’t Congress want to provide good healthcare to the elderly, the ill and others in need? Why do they choose to reduce the reimbursements DME/HME providers receive for their services and supplies? I believe it is because our industry seems to be an easy target. By making it look like most of the fraud and abuse in the system appears to come from providers it takes the pressure off the real thieves!

But we know DME/HME providers are not at fault! It appears to be much easier for the dishonest element to fleece the government rather than sell narcotics.

A great many positive efforts to protect our industry are currently in place. For example, the AA Homecare staff holds an every-other-week teleconference with state associations to share information. Medtrade is also a phenomenal source as are the legislative conferences.

What I would like to see happen is the leaders of the industry from both the dealers and the vendors design a conference exclusively to address these problems. Then by working with the state and national organizations, buying groups and publications we can organize a force as effective as AMA or AHA. It is not just money we need. DME/HME providers have the ability to involve their clientele (patients, customers, family caregivers, etc.) In this fashion we can create the VOX POPULI, the voice of the people. This is always heard and heeded .

We will ask Congress “why a competitive bid? Then we will give them the answer. They will hear the VOX POPULI.

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