Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What do you say?

A few dealers have contacted me to ask what they should tell their customers about the Competitive Bid Proposal. I have told them that a conversation with their customers and their family caregivers can be a vital step, which you can take to defeat the bid proposal. It is imperative you get all your patients, family caregivers, and customers to contact their elected officials in DC to help defeat the “bid”. 

The best answer I can think of is to ask them if they would like to have a physician assigned to them to provide medical care that was the “lowest bidder?” The answer invariably is “of course not.” But this is what would happen if this legislation were passed to obtain their supplies.

Where CMS had the trial runs the problems were vast and the complaints rather caustic. Many patients were forced to travel a long distance for their supplies. They did not receive the personal touch and comfort that they were used to with their current provider. They really had little choice! Family caregivers no longer had a friend who worked with their relative. That is a big deal for the patient’s comfort.

Then there is much difficulty for the patient to get service, not a delivery or pick-up but also where to get repairs, ask questions and have their minds put at ease. Often patients had to go to more than one provider because many items were not available in a single location.

When working with your state and national association all of these can be avoided. They will give you the necessary tools! They will provide you with the answers. They will tell you which senator or representative to call. You will get the guidance necessary. As a result of good team effort, the Competitive Bid Proposal would disappear.

Check out this great video from The People for Quality Care that sums it up pretty nice...  Your customers deserve better!

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