Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Opportunities Galore #1

You have so many things on your plate, which must be accomplished, and I know it will be done. Thank you! We all have serious concerns about the competitive bid and are working to bring MPP to the industry. But we can never lose track of running our company on a day-to-day basis.

Visiting Nurse Associations are in every community and should be one of your best friends. Please make it a point to meet with the local VNA and invite them to visit your location. At Medtrade I had a chat with a dealer and he told me what he did.

He made arrangements to offer two types of nurse bags, one an over the shoulder bag, and the other a handbag. These were good leather bags and the company he bought them from agreed to put the initials of the nurse on each bag they purchased. Selling them was the secret!

This entrepreneur filled two bags with every item he had that a VNA would need. On each item he put a price tag with an ID #. The prices reflected a nice discount from list price. He included an order form and brought this to the president of the local group.

He asked her if she would be responsible for the bag and show it to all the nurses. He told her that each bag and any supplies ordered would be delivered in two to three weeks (time to have the name added). She also asked that the nurses attach a check with each order. What a surprise! They had about 30 nurses in that group and he got orders from a dozen of them.

A few weeks later, he received a phone call from another VNA just a few miles away. They wanted to see what he offered. Word-of-mouth was how this flourished! Orders kept flowing in!

The VNAs invariably bought their needs from him. He was a friend! This was such a success that he did an “Open House” for all the VNAs in the county. You, too, should consider this as a new opportunity.

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