Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Your Reputation

There is nothing better for any business, whether DME/HME or other industry, than a good reputation! You are known by your reputation in the community, so it is imperative that you be very careful not to allow it to become besmirched.

DME/HME dealers or providers are in a very risky business. You are constantly dealing with senior citizens, bed-ridden patients, and very nervous family caregivers. They share their problems and look to you for help! 

You can do ninety-nine things wonderfully and get loads of accolades, but if you make one small mistake, everyone will remember it.

There are many good things that a DME/HME provider can do that will enable them to build a good reputation. I reported this a few years ago. I met an old friend from the Midwest at Medtrade and he told me about one of his successful undertakings. 

He made a deal with the local newspaper to write a “Good Health” article for the paper's Sunday edition. The editor thought it would be a good idea and offered to publish these articles for the following three Sundays. It has now been almost two years since the first one was published, and they have become a great feature in their hometown. His name appears only on the by-line, not that of his company!

When you attend meetings of your state and national associations and show copies of your column, the other DME/HME members will tell you of some things that they did. People love to share their successes! Other dealers may duplicate what you do. This will bring good both to you and our profession!

There are many things one can do to build a good reputation, but there is one caveat:  Be very careful not to make a misstep, which can sully all the good work you do!

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