Monday, April 15, 2013

Speak Up!

I have been very diligent in getting out the message about the pending MPP legislation. The problem which we must clarify is that some people seem to have the wrong impression. It appears that the average citizen believes this is a way for us to raise prices and increase the reimbursements paid by CMS and Medicare.

This is not true! Reimbursements, when MPP is passed, will not be any higher; basically, they will remain at the same levels created by the “competitive bid.” The key is that the bids awarded will be binding and cash deposits from the bidders will be required. Currently, under the existing flawed “auction” system, beneficiaries have little choice in finding a vendor and often will "do without” so as to not have to travel a long distance. Passage of MPP will allow them to remain with their current supplier! Your customers along with their family caregivers must be notified of this.

I repeat: Every DME/HME provider has to make it very clear to all their clientele; patients, family caregivers as well as their staff, that not only will recipients be getting better services than what they currently receive under the competitive bid, they will not have to go to different locations for specific items. They will not lose their current dealer who has also become a friend. Equally important is that dealers will not be forced to close their doors.

Passage of MPP will allow smaller companies to continue their service as long as they can provide product at the bid price! This will certainly allow access for people with disabilities and senior citizens to obtain supplies as needed without leaving their communities.

By proving to your clientele with the knowledge that passage of the MPP bill will protect them and it will also allow them to choose where they wish to shop, this will build good will for your company. Treat every customer and their family caregivers as your #1 customer!

Use your membership in both your state and national association to provide you with the necessary material to make this work. Speak up and say it loud and clear!

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