Monday, December 16, 2013


These numbers are probably the most important digits that must be used by a DME/HME provider. They are the method that Medtrade has arranged for dealers to learn and maximize all the information that will be available this Spring in Las Vegas! 

All the changes with reimbursement, Medicare, and Medicaid will be addressed along with others in the industry. You must start preparing ASAP; you have to learn to be aware and know how to turn problems into profits. 

As I reviewed the upcoming 6-4-18 programs, I recognized that they are perfect. If at all possible, attend Medtrade Spring in LV with 1 or 2 staff members. In that fashion, all the seminar series can be attended. Then when you return home, you will be armed and will find the path to continued success. Here are the titles of the 6-4-18 Series: 

a.) RAC, ZPIC, PSC, and CERT audits for HME suppliers: How to effectively respond to requests for documents. 

b.) Financial health: Know your cost. How to initiate and sustain lean process improvement. 

c.) Leadership in HME – A best practice approach. 

d.) The best new HME/cash opportunities.

e.) Operational efficiencies and alternative revenue sources for survival in today’s ever changing HME market.

f.) Educating your customers to increase your cash sales/understanding alternate site/long term care facilities and revenue opportunities within the facilities.

I never saw (and I have attended every Medtrade) such an exciting list of classes.  They call these the  “six building blocks for success in the next 18 months (6-4-18)”.

Here are two additional programs that AAH is sponsoring:

1.) Competitive bidding implementation contractor (CBIS) update.

2.) DME MAC CERT task force: common errors and documental insufficiency. 

Our industry is working with great diligence to wipe out the “competitive bid”. You have to be present to gather all this material. Don’t procrastinate! 

Please be aware that Medtrade Spring at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center is from Monday, March 10th to Wednesday, March 12th. Get your entrance fees paid and room registration now. Please do not wait, tempus fugit!  

Early Bird Rates are still available (available through December 31, 2013).


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