Thursday, December 5, 2013

Unfinished Business

I am very distressed by the fact that another year is almost over and as an industry we still have some unfinished business. AAHomecare has been leading the battle to get legislation passed by Congress to eliminate the “Competitive Bid”. It seems every organization, from the state DME associations to the buying groups, have worked very hard to get HR 1717 out of committee. 

Two years ago, we did our best to get US Representative Price's legislation on the floor. That did not happen! This year we had another opportunity and what has happened? I don’t know! It looks like nothing. We are waiting patiently; begging, pleading, and very few of the officials we “elected” are listening.
Action speaks louder than words. I have spoken with many dealers and providers and I can understand their concern. What I see and hear is very frightening. Our Congress no longer represents the general public. It is so divided that nothing will ever be accomplished until they recognize their responsibility. If our country stays so separated and the elected congressmen will not work with one another, how will the country survive? 
Start today and ask every one of your customers where and from whom they currently receive their supplies as a consequence of the bid. The “winners” of the bids are so scattered and the beneficiaries are experiencing many problems that are being overlooked. Here in Melbourne, patients are obliged to go to Orlando (1 hour) or even to Miami (3 hours), when there are so many excellent dealers “just around the corner.” Too many patients are doing without. Often when they need a refill of oxygen they have to wait! Is this correct?
We must get Congress to recognize that THEY are responsible for every American, not just those who voted for them.  Gather as many complaints as possible, speak to all your customers (patients) and include those who have drifted away. No one can speak louder then they. Armed with this material we can and will get new legislation. Don’t wait for any one else to do this, there is no one else.

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