Monday, December 9, 2013


Thelma and I went to visit our children and grandchildren for the Thanksgiving holiday. We are the same as all of our peers; we have the best family granted us! We took an eight-day vacation and enjoyed every moment of it.
Going home, we had a two-hour delay at the airport before finally leaving for Florida. I was incredibly concerned when I saw such a large number over-overweight folks (obese, really) walking around near us. I then realized what an opportunity this presents for DME companies around the nation: A large market of people suffering from the epidemic of obesity! DME dealers can provide these individuals not only with products to aid with comfort and mobility, but also the products and education they need to help reach a healthier weight.
The United States is a very large country. It is also the home of the largest number of folks whose mobility, health, and lifestyle are strongly limited by obesity. There were three stewardesses also waiting for the flight as we were. Being very bashful, as you are all aware, I struck up a conversation with them. WOW, did I get an earful. At first they did not want to make any comments, but when I told them I write a blog for DME/HME dealers they spoke about this problem. It is the same at every airport!
It appears that based on my estimate of the number of obese Americans, it is an attractive opportunity to build more OTC cash sales.  A friend of mine who has an excellent company in Massachusetts, sponsors a day quarterly, which he called “Weigh In for Good Health.” 
This dealer invited RNs, a dietitian, an MD, and a PT. They all were delighted to participate. He also arranged with the company whose scales he handled and they also brought several units which he did not stock. He had a nurse taking BP of each, the report on his business card.

He began advertising this “Weigh In for Good Health” day a few weeks prior by running an ad in the local newspaper. The paper went a step further and sent a reporter to interview him. Then the reporter attended the open house and took pictures for the paper. It was a great success. That morning they sold a number of scales and BP monitors. More important was the number of new customers this activity brought into his business.
Any new program you plan to be doing requires a great deal of planning. Who will work with your company? Which vendors can you invite? Then, how it will be promoted and most important, when can it be presented? Make sure there is no holiday pending or big sports game on the same day. This can be a great opportunity when done correctly and you will harvest a fine ROI.

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