Thursday, August 13, 2015

Is it the Truth?

I am really concerned that “the truth” in what people tell us is no longer heard. I find this very disconcerting because being close to 90 years old, I have always believed that the majority of people do not utter falsehoods. The sudden change from that reality to what is currently spoken appears to be just a “convenient” way to deliver a message, but is that correct?

So I ask: “Why has this happened? Where did the truth go?”

I was capable of building several very successful businesses with associates, always using only a handshake as our contract. In the early 1950’s I opened several pharmacies, each with a partner. This was done with a handshake! Each was more successful than we ever anticipated. My how times have changed? Can this still be done in that fashion today?

One of my close friends is a retired priest. We both are the same age and have discussed why veracity has faded away. It appears that TV, radio and newspapers are all required to deliver current news. Yet a different slant from each is presented because they believe expressing their opinion is a vital part of what they wish to accomplish!

What disturbs me most is listening to the candidates who are campaigning diligently to run our country? They seem to feel that they can shout “anything” they like and they certainly do! These politicians are screaming many outrageous words! How much of the truth has vanished? Can we believe them? No way!

I know that most American citizens are very aware of honesty and will act accordingly. I have great faith is the United States, and I am sure we will not listen to some of the “bull cookies” that are being shouted at us. American citizens will always give their support to those who tell the truth!

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