Monday, August 10, 2015

Be Careful Before You Speak

Whatever you do or say will always follow your footsteps. It is imperative that your words never hurt you or negatively affect your reputation. I say this because when I look back, I see far too many people who have fallen out of favor because of their big mouths. They did not think before they spoke!

The same care is important when you write! I try very hard not to offend anyone with my articles. Yet, despite all the care I take, I have made several blunders! Yes, I have eaten my share of “humble” cake.

I will retire officially after Medtrade this October. No more “Shelly Sez” or other items from me. There is a fabulous group of people who send out so much good information, as well as advice, and I am pleased. Listen to them! Read and study what they say. This new generation is the “cream of the crop!”

There are so many people now entering our industry. Often their only goal may be just to see how much money they can make, rather than become true leaders. Our industry should be very proud of what our trade organizations bring them. We have the finest!

AAHomecare is so important! Please give them your full support by becoming a dues paying member! When I hear what they say and see how hard they work, I do not have enough words about what they mean for every DME/HME dealer.

Belong to your state DME association, belong to AAHomecare. If you are not currently a member, JOIN! I have a good idea of how many DME/HME companies are in the United States, so get on board STAT!

If you still need to register for Medtrade, please do so with the promo code SHELLY to get a Free Expo Pass. I hope to see you there!

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