Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I am always filled with much anticipation while waiting for an upcoming Medtrade exhibition, and have never been disappointed! Please send my congratulations to the team that works so hard! That has been proven by the large number of DME/HME dealers and associates who attend annually.

This year, with so much confusion in our industry, I anticipate this will be a most important convention. Here is where my anticipation is to meet many old friends and at the same time make new ones! There are very few places where this can happen. Is it anticipation or contemplation that you feel prior to the show? I am always filled with expectation as I prepare for Medtrade.

You must attend well prepared. Write down the questions you need answered. Bring members of your staff and together you will receive much more information.

The cost of attending Medtrade has always had a fantastic ROI (return on investment). Make that investment! It is a win-win opportunity! Thelma and I plan to be there, and we ask that you also participate, as we do, prepared to seek answers!
To receive a Free Expo Pass, register for Medtrade using the promotional code: SHELLY.

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