Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year

What does the New Year hold for HME providers? Will it be good, bad or indifferent? The answer lies with you.

I have thought for many hours to determine what is in store for our industry. Yes, we realize that there is a major change in how business will function. Reduction in Medicare reimbursement is the first hurdle I see. Changing regulations loom over everyone’s head. Patients will find that as a consequence of the competitive bid legislation they may lose access to their providers of choice and be driven elsewhere.

The above is only a brief summary of what the industry faces. There are several things that all of us must perform to bring about the needed changes. Certainly vox populi, the voice of the people, must be heard. One task facing the industry is to arouse not only all of our customers but all of the citizens in our community to speak out. When we show the dangerous affects of this, then public opinion will be heard.

Your foremost task is to illustrate what your company has done locally. The care and services you provide does not have a dollar value! Ask your clientele to participate in this effort with you to help make the point that service is as important as price. They know and appreciate the many extra steps you take. Family caregivers, local physicians and therapists can all add their words to yours. Everything must be brought to the attention of your Congressmen by a steady flow of letters and calls.

I know this all sounds like “gloom and doom” but that sword hanging over everyone’s heads will not fall when you fight back. We ask that you join forces with your state association and the national ones. Your support and dollars are needed to be sure that you will survive.

We are aware when we all act in unison there is accomplishment. Look at the history of our country and then realize that we must work as a team to reach our goal. Roll up your sleeves and join the fray. These unfair legislations will be changed! It will happen!

What does the New Year hold for the HME industry? My prediction is that we will win! We will have the legislations changed! Our industry is probably the one most important stop for patients and senior citizens. Their voices will be heard as well.

So I send to you all wishes for a very HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL NEW YEAR. 2011 will be the best year ever!

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