Thursday, January 6, 2011

Resolutions for the HME Industry

We are all prone to doing this, making New Year resolutions, things we plan to do, and then rapidly forgetting them. This year what is facing your company is very different. As the proprietor of an HME business you have to make some new resolutions and must keep them.

Since the major problem now to resolve is how to operate your company and continue growth in a market place that currently is driving recipients of Medicare to winners of a competitive bid. I am sure this outrageous bid legislation will be revoked, but until that happens your voice must be heard.

Here are some resolutions to consider:

Resolution #1: I will support all the efforts of my state association as well as the national one. They carry the battle versus this competitive bid legislation.

Resolution #2: If I am not of member of either my state or a national association, I will call them and provide my support and dollars as they move forward on my behalf.

Resolution #3: I will become more politically active. I will ask my staff and customers to participate with me as I write and call the elected officials in Washington and my state capitol.

These are only a starting point. I will talk about new marketing ideas in coming posts. One goal is to build more OTC cash sales. I will share success stories from providers with you. One major suggestion is to be sure you attend your state and other HME meetings. It is not too early to prepare for Medtrade Spring 2011, which will take place April 12-14 in Las Vegas. That is where you will be able to make the deals, meet the vendors, hear the speakers and arm yourself.

There is so much that you can do so please do not sit by and wait for someone else to do it. You must protect your business so can continue to grow.

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