Thursday, January 13, 2011

Speak Up for Homecare

AAHomecare will be holding a Legislative Conference in Washington, DC, March 16-18. With the need to change some of the egregious laws, it is perhaps the most important opportunity to make your voice heard.

I have had the privilege of attending many of these conferences over the years. They gave me the opportunity to sit and speak with my state senators and representatives. I met their health legislative aides (HLAs) and we developed a strong rapport.

HLAs are your voice to the elected official and they will carry your message. You must make this connection. It is most important to participate in this conference. AAHomecare will make the appointments for you. They will arm you with the proper literature to bring. Members of Congress WILL speak at these sessions. Please put these days into your plans for the future.

If for any reason you cannot attend this conference, then be sure you contact both of your state’s senators and your representative. Send them an e-mail or make a telephone call to speak with their HLA. Make every effort to develop a good relationship with them.

More good news: Medtrade Spring 2011 is scheduled for April 12 – 14 in Las Vegas. Our industry is fighting very hard on behalf of every HME provider. You and your company have to be a participant in all efforts on your behalf. No one else can do it for you! If you need any help contacting the politicians in D.C., more information on the AAH conference or Medtrade Spring, please call me at (877) 553-5127 and I can help you.

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