Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Idea

I know the title of this blog might be misleading, but this morning I received a memo from one of the state associations and I was impressed. I have previously written about steps HME providers should take to help our industry fight the competitive bid situation.

The answer is to get all the beneficiaries involved. When properly armed, they will prove to be the most effective way possible to get attention. They vote. Senior citizens today account for about 20% of the population. Lots of votes and, when you include the family caregivers in the total, wow!

They must speak out and also ask their family caregiver to do the same.
There are specific some points they should make, whether they are in one of chosen nine metropolitan regions or not.

When they make contact, they have to express the difficulty they face, or might have to contend with, when finding a new equipment provider. They do not wish to lose the provider they and their family caregiver have worked with closely for many years!

Of course this should be followed by the fact that they do, or will, experience delays in delivery since there will be fewer choices available when they have to locate a dealer elsewhere. Then, the quality of what they receive, since the bid was based on the lowest possible price makes them both frightened and confused.

You should provide them with the toll-free number, (888) 990-0499, and also Web sites where they can report their concerns ( or (

Many of the state associations are working with their members to get this message out. They are all doing a superb job in getting the word out and you must do the same. The associations need the support of each HME provider to become even more effective. If you do not know who to contact to get involved, please call me at (877) 553-5125 and I will give you the name and telephone number. Get on the bandwagon; it is your future that must be protected.

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