Monday, May 2, 2011

Helping Your Community Be Prepared

The vast amount of destruction created by the tornados in the South last week was devastating. It is very difficult to comprehend how much damage could happen so quickly, but it did. Homes, businesses and a great deal of civilization were smashed to smithereens. The number of people who died as a result of this vicious storm is in excess of 350 and we do not know how many are in hospitals.

How many families will have to rebuild from scratch? How long will it take? Mothers, fathers and children are searching for loved ones. What can they do next?

I have great faith in the resiliency of America. The entire country is working together to reconstruct what the storm has destroyed. I was able to contact Mike Hamilton, executive director of the Alabama DME Association. He described the havoc that took place. Despite his tears, his confidence in the spirit of the DME/HME dealers and providers in all of the six states involved was heartwarming. Mike is confident that they will not only rebuild their communities and their business, but they will work to help all victims of the storm.

As HME providers, there is a great opportunity for you to provide support in your community. I called a few providers to discuss some ideas for the role your company can play.

May I suggest that you do the following: Speak to some of the emergency room physicians and nurses in the hospitals near your location. Make appointments to meet with the EMT squads and ambulance services as well as the local police and fire departments. You can prepare a special day: “What to do if we experience a tornado, hurricane or other major catastrophe?” Arrange with a local church, school or hotel where you can hold a special “training” half day for the community.

Invite personnel from all of the above to attend, speak and be available to work with the attendees. Some of your preferred vendors may assist by preparing handouts and demonstrating appropriate products. The local radio stations, newspapers and television affiliates should be eager to give this a strong publicity push. Your townspeople will all say “thank you.”

You owe this to the folks from whom you make a living. Contact me for more information at or via phone at (877) 553-5127.

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