Monday, May 23, 2011

Need vs. Want

Why do senior citizens come to your company to shop? Many providers may not understand what has driven these specific customers to their location. Two different HME providers posed this interesting question to me at Medtrade Spring.

The answer from several providers was their operation is convenient and easy to find. Others thought that people were aware their prices are very competitive. An excellent response was senior citizens know about the services they perform including many provided pro-bono.

The answers were different when I spoke with a few senior citizens asking the same question. The driving force seemed to be either a “need to buy” or a “want to buy.” Are they the same?

“Need to buy” was that their physician or therapist told them to purchase something specific. The client looked for the most convenient location.

“Want to buy” is the similar to the above. One senior speaking with another often creates the “want.” Occasionally, it is a consequence of the family caregiver wanting to keep their relative at home and comfortable. But more often than not it is because a senior citizen needs to get out and enjoys browsing. They all seek comfort items and your task is to make your location the Mecca where they will find these and “want to buy.”

One very successful provider told me that every other Wednesday in his showroom he offers a “Senior Citizen” afternoon. It started slowly and has grown steadily. He invites one or two reps to be present to show and demonstrate their “comfort wares.” This is easy to do and works.

Please share with me some of the programs you have prepared so I can share these new thoughts and ideas with other providers. Thank you!

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